Story & Exploration

Le Saint-Motel creates tangible memories and connects its guests to a sense of adventure, curiosity and playfulness.

Le Saint-Motel inc is an immersive arts and entertainment company built by Astrid Apissoghomian, Marisa Parisella and Olivier Dufort.


Please make yourself at home. Contact our reception desk for all questions and enquiries. You are our guest!

  • Opening Hours

    Le Saint-Motel is open
    Sunday : 11am to 6pm
    Monday : 11am to 6pm
    Tuesday : 11am to 6pm
    Wednesday, : 11am to 6pm
    Thursday : 11am to 6pm
    Friday : 11am to 6pm
    Saturday : 11am to 6pm

    Le Saint-Motel can be open upto 10pm
    for Private Rentals & Events.

  • Address

    4000 St-Ambroise
    Suite 278
    Montreal, Qc
    H4C 2C7

    Le Saint-Motel is on the 2nd floor of Chateau St-Ambroise. It's possible to access elevators and a charging dock with chariots if needed.

    There is paid parking in the back of the building. It is also possible to find free parking in the street.

    Is your venue wheelchair accessible?

    Le Saint-Motel is located in Le Chateau St-Ambroise. The building has an accessible ramp via the back of the building. We attached a map of it's location. Le Chateau is a big building, please feel comfortable to let us know if you are lost in it's maze, our lovely receptionist will come to you. We are very sorry about the complicated trajectory to get to our space.

  • Contact

    Astrid Apissoghomian
    Bookings, Media, Management
    (514) 938-4684

    Marisa Parisella
    Corporate Rentals, Bachelorettes, Decor Rentals, Edited Pictures

    Olivier Dufort
    Decor Rentals, Accounting, Construction, Dad Jokes