House Rules

House Rules for our Selfie Studio:

  1. No mess: Please ensure that you keep the selfie studio clean and tidy. Dispose of any trash or waste in designated bins.
  2. No nudity: In order to maintain a safe and respectful environment, nudity or any explicit content is strictly prohibited within the selfie studio premises.
  3. Children under 13 must be accompanied by adults: For the safety of young visitors, children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times while using the selfie studio.
  4. No harassment, respect everyone: Treat all individuals within the selfie studio with respect and kindness. Harassment, discrimination, or any form of disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.
  5. Please don't steal: Respect the property of the selfie studio and other visitors. Any form of theft or unauthorized removal of items is strictly prohibited and will be dealt with accordingly.
  6. Report any damages: If any equipment or property within the selfie studio is accidentally damaged or broken during your visit, please inform the staff immediately so that appropriate measures can be taken to address the issue.
  7. Respect time slots: Please adhere to your designated time slot for using the selfie studio. Be mindful of other visitors' scheduled appointments and avoid overstaying your allotted time.
  8. No outside food or drinks: To maintain cleanliness and avoid potential damage to equipment, please refrain from bringing outside food or drinks into the selfie studio. However, exceptions can be made for bottled water.
  9. No smoking or vaping: Smoking, including electronic cigarettes (vaping), is strictly prohibited inside the selfie studio. Please use designated smoking areas outside the premises, if available.
  10. No excessive noise: Ensure that your activities within the selfie studio do not create excessive noise that may disturb other visitors. Be considerate of those around you and maintain a reasonable noise level.
  11. Do not alter or tamper with studio equipment: Please refrain from altering or tampering with any equipment or props provided in the selfie studio. This includes adjusting lighting, dismantling structures, or modifying any installations without prior authorization.
  12. Limit the number of people per session: To ensure a comfortable and safe experience for all visitors, please adhere to the maximum number of individuals allowed per session, as specified by the selfie studio staff.
  13. Follow staff instructions: Please cooperate with the instructions given by the selfie studio staff. They are there to assist you and ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone.

These house rules are designed to create a safe and enjoyable experience for all visitors to the selfie studio. By following these guidelines, we can ensure a positive environment for everyone.