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Montreal, May 20th, 2022

Welcome to your new favourite stay.

Le Saint-Motel is a multi sensory Selfie Studio based in the heart of Montreal.

Come experience the 13 captivating themed rooms and take your unique self portraits in our modern Motel studio concept.

What is Le Saint-Motel

Le Saint-Motel offers a rich narrative of roadside motel inspired decors mixed with Montreal’s iconic artistry. The self guided tour of the Motel, brings you through 13 multi dimensional rooms to take perfect pictures of your family and friends! The venue offers a hands-on photography experience. In the event that you aren’t comfortable taking your own pictures, you can also
come with your favourite photographer or work with Marisa Parisella, Le Saint-Motel’s resident photographer!

Inspired by Selfie Museums
and creative immersive art spaces found across the United States, Le Saint-Motel is a local flavoured take on the popular concept.

What is a Selfie Studio

A Selfie Studio is a photography studio where you and your friends become your own personal photographer! Selfie Studios offer a wide variety of decors, themes and creative environments to take unique pictures. Each room is perfectly designed for cellphone and professional photography, with balanced lighting and photography accessories. Guests have total creative independence. It’s almost impossible to take a bad picture!

Marisa says: “Le Saint-Motel is a fantastical interactive experience that puts the artistic direction in your hands.”

Expo 67 and the Montreal Olympics

Enter an era of the city with our 60s and 70s inspired room! A room filled the vintage memorabilia and iconic style!

Our Inspirations

Le Saint-Motel is inspired by a timeless sense of nostalgia associated with roadside motels and key local attractions during road trips. Upon arrival, guests will be handed a Room Key to enter, the keychain also serves as a buzzer to let the guests know when their time is up. Participants of all ages are encouraged to partake in this whimsical playground, where the room designer Marisa Parisella, has brought dreams to reality. Every room is made to excite imagination and take your creativity further. Le Saint-Motel creates tangible memories and connects its guests to a sense of adventure, curiosity and playfulness.

Marisa says: “Montreal is our biggest inspiration, its history, architecture and its creative energy guide us. Le Saint-Motel will be a haven for Montreal’s artistic community.”

“With everything happening in the world, we need fun and safe activities. Content Creation has become an important part of everyday life and Le Saint-Motel will provide an innovative space outside your home for you to enjoy solo or with your family and friends.” she adds.

Le Saint-Motel themes include a wall of teddy bears, a room inspired by Montreal in the era of the Expo 67 and the Olympics, an Emerald Bathroom, a Red Room, and many more! Visit @lesaintmotel on Instagram for the mood boards of each themed room.

“My favourite decor is our Pink Heart Shaped Pool, just joking, it’s an adult sized Ball Pit! It overlooks a mural of Montreal’s Skyline, I can’t wait to take pictures in it!” says Marisa.

Astrid, Co-owner, says : “When we grow up, we lose the sense of Play. Play is a big part of what unites us as humans, and makes us connect deeper. Le Saint-Motel creates the urge to touch everything, to let your imagination free and rediscover yourself in amusing settings.”

An Art Gallery with installations

Le Saint-Motel hosts collaborations with local artists to create semi-permanent art installations where you become a part of the art. Add your creative touch to your photos in incredible art installations. The rooms should renew every few months!

Notable Collaborating Artists :

2 Murals by Angus Byers
(@angustattoos on instagram)

Paintings by Sean Arsenian
(@wurmzilla on instagram)
Sweetheart Grip, The Great Sabatini

Logo (to come) by Maly Siri
(@maly_siri_pinupart on instagram)
Author, Published artist in Playboy, Exposition at Le Louvre, Paris

Mural by Mel Valiquette
(@melissa_valiquette on instagram)
Mel is a highly respected and multi award winning artist with more than 10 best tattoo awards under her belt at international tattoo conventions.

Custom Staircase Art by Elisia Lee
(@elisialee on instagram)
Elisia Lee is an accomplished graphic and tattoo artist. Her work is iconic for its traditional nostalgia. People proudly wear her art on their clothes and bodies all over the world.

A Fun Venue

Le Saint-Motel is the perfect venue for your events! It’s possible to rent the space for a bachelorette, friend get-togethers, private corporate events, team-building and more. Come have fun, connect and get creative at Le Saint-Motel.

Regardless of one's opinion on the selfie, Le Saint-Motel is a highly visual and tactile experience where guests stimulate their imagination.

More about Le Saint-Motel

Open in Montreal since April 2022, Le Saint-Motel is an immersive arts and entertainment company built by Astrid Apissoghomian (Inchoo Bijoux, Witch Please MTL), Marisa Parisella (Internationally published Photographer, Le Tassel d’Or) and Olivier Dufort (Real Estate Management).

Le Saint-Motel is designed to be a culturally inclusive environment and community. The team is dedicated to creating a social impact and building a more inclusive and sustainable economy. Decor elements and building materials have been reused from EcoSceno, a local organization specializing in waste reduction and the re-use of objects and materials within the arts sector. Anything that couldn't be found used has been created locally in Montreal or by ourselves. Le Saint-Motel is located in Le Château St-Ambroise, an old 1880’s toy and fabric factory converted into business lofts near Atwater Market. Le Chateau St-Ambroise is home to over 200 small creative businesses including Incendo, a theatrical distributor of Paramount Pictures.

Address, Business Hours & Tickets

Le Saint-Motel

4000 Saint-Ambroise

Suite 0276

Montreal Quebec

H2C 2C7

Monday to Sunday : 11am to 6pm

General admission tickets start at 30$+Tx.

Media Contact

Astrid Apissoghomian


Marisa Parisella





Covid-19 Protocols

Due to the rapid changing circumstances surrounding the Covid-19, all changes due to safety will be communicated directly on our website and to our ticket holders via email. We continue to monitor the situation and will make adjustments to help ensure safety for our guests, staff and community.